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Equestrian Humans would always use their wand with their dominant hand. There are legends of two handed wands that would make a Human 10 times as powerful as a normal unicorn. These wands could only be wielded by ambidextrous humans.

With normal wands, a human could make their magic 2 - 5 times more powerful, depending on how many of their fingertips were contacted to the wand.

Unfortunately for you, even if you had both a wand and Equestrian ancestry, you would be so many generations down that the maximum amount of magic you could emit would be maybe 1/4 of a normal unicorn.

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The Reaper’s Guide to Necromancy is a tome covering the most advanced forms of Necromancy. It includes an extensive guide to all things underworld and has detailed information on even the most rare of creatures from the pits of Tartarus. Consequently, the book itself is unbelievably rare, I posses the only copy. The original is kept in the Canterlot Archives.

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So… Yea… I’m going to start accepting commissions. If you’re interested, email me at and we can work out a deal.

While most of the spells I use are learned spells. I have created a few minor spells such as temperature reading spells and and repairing spells.

But the spell I am most proud of allows the user to absorb information from written mediums without needing to read them. It requires more energy than most unicorns can evoke but is very useful to those who can.

Most unicorns aren’t powerful enough to cause any real damage with their magic. So magic is almost never used maliciously.

Being a magic talent though, I was given a set of laws by Celestia herself.

Some of the big ones are:

 1- Unless in circumstances of self defense, no unicorn shall use magic to intentionally harm another pony.

2- No unicorn may use powerful spells while intoxicated.

3- No unicorn may use magic to forcefully invade the mind of another pony.

There are many, many more laws I have been given during my tutelage under Princess Celestia, and as I continue to advance in my studies, I will be given more laws.

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They’re kept in the basement. Very limited access. Only ponies with magical talents can read them without going insane.

It is said that these are the books that led to the creation of Nightmare Moon. The princesses, while powerful, are not magic talents, and thus cannot read these books without ill effects.

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